Outside the Classroom

Three students sitting in the grass having a conversation.

Learning at Mary Has No Boundaries

Your classroom experience at the University of Mary will be engaging and challenging. But you don’t stop thinking when class is over, so why should you stop exploring, discovering, and growing when you walk out of the classroom? 

Learning at Mary is 24/7, year-round, and hands-on — from working side-by-side with faculty on innovative research projects to leadership training to master teacher preparation.

SURVE student dropping chemicals into a beaker.

Summer Research

Engage in professional research in our Summer Undergraduate Research Vocation Experience (SURVE).

Engineering student showing his invention to three leaders.


Internships are semester-long, supervised work experiences related to your major that give you valuable, real-world experience and networking opportunities.

Young teacher sitting at desk teaching children to read.

Master Teacher Internship Program

This program supports students’ transition to successful teaching careers with faculty mentorship, paid internships, waived tuition for up to six graduate credits, and more.

Karel Sovak mentoring a young college student.

Emerging Leaders Academy

The academy’s students develop their leadership skills through real-world interaction with industry leaders in their chosen field.

Three year-round campus students exploring the Badlands.

Year-Round Campus Excursions

The Year-Round Campus program, which enables you to complete your bachelor’s degree in 2.6 years or your master’s in four, includes excursions such as camping in the Badlands and international travel.

Do Science Instead of Just Talking About It

Students team with faculty mentors to discover new genes linked to blindness as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Vocation Experience (SURVE) program.

Portrait of Aaron Davis

The opportunity to be part of the Emerging Leaders Academy has been a blessing. It has given me the opportunity to think critically about real-life scenarios I may encounter in my future career — something that students may not experience in the average classroom. It has also promoted my development as a servant leader, which I believe will be a very valuable skill as a health care professional.

Aaron Davis

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